At playEd, we’re driven by the future of play-based learning – digital play.

And why digital play?

Future-forward skills

Teaching your students how to become digitally fluent now, nurtures their success, later. Because understanding technology isn’t just about knowing how to use the latest app or conquer all the levels on the digi-game of the week – it’s about feeling confident to step into an increasingly digitised future.

Meet your students where they are

One size doesn’t fit all.
In fact, one size barely fits most. Each of your students are walking their own individual path. They have different needs. Different strengths. And different challenges to traverse. Digital play creates infinite opportunities to support students wherever they are on their individual learning journey.

Engaged education

There’s so much more to education than ticking boxes and meeting benchmarks. Digital play brings joy, engagement, and excitement to the classroom. It’s a pop of fun and an invitation to adventure. It diversifies how we teach and supports our students to see education for all its wonder.

To support our students to thrive now and in the future? The way we teach must evolve with the world around us.

We piece together academics and engagement. Giggles and growth. And tech and tailor-made to create engaging learning experiences to inspire, nurture and better the entire education community.