Learn to play.
Then, play to learn.

At playEd, we believe that when you blend: play,

digital technology and education together?


Something magical happens.

Student confidence skyrockets. Motivation soars. Groans become grins. Academic performance improves. And even hard-to-measure things like social skills wiggle up the scale.

We know that the magic that alchemises at the intersection of technology, education, and play? Is potent. Because it doesn’t only have the capability to catch education up with the world around us, but it equips students with the curiosity, self-assurance, and digital fluency they need to thrive in a digital world and future.

And that is why we created playEd.

Our GameZone taps into the power of digital play to create engaging learning experiences.

First, it starts with you, our brilliant,

incredible, superhuman teachers.

We ask you, what do you need the most support with?

What gets your students most excited to learn?

And what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to teaching?

Then, we start co-creating with you.

Basing all our movements on what you need most, we get to work.

Shaping, tinkering, and refining the learning experience you’ve been dreaming of.

At every step, we prioritise engagement, usability, personalisation, and folding in all those little handy bits that make your job easier (like the ability to assign tailor-made games to individual students and groups, being able to keep track of your student progress within a few clicks).

Finally, we release our digital learning game out into classrooms.

To become portals into new worlds. To step your students into a new kind of learning. And to support you while you take on the biggest job of all – shaping young minds and preparing the next generation.

For you our educators

Hours reclaimed

Let’s be real – us teachers? Our work starts long before we step through the school gates and finishes way after the final bell.

playEd makes lesson-planning easier, so you have more time for you (after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup).

Welcome to the fam

Join a community of bright, passionate, darn brilliant educators who share your belief in the world-changing power of digital play.

Personalize your games. Share games with your fellow teachers. And contribute to the big idea that sparks our next digital learning game.

Data collection made easy

Say bye-bye to your stacks of folders and piled-high notebooks filled with your students’ performance notes.

playEd tracks and holds your students’ results for you. No manual scrawling required.

A game zone at your fingertips

Say bye-bye to your stacks of folders and piled-high notebooks filled with your students’ performance notes.

playEd tracks and holds your students’ results for you. No manual scrawling required

Created by teachers like you

Our GameZone? Is alive.

Be surprised and delighted by the new and exciting games that are constantly being added to our GameZone. By us, and by you, our teachers.

For them, your inspired students

Leap into confidence

When your students engage with games that meet them right where they are? Their confidence will skyrocket. Their attitudes will improve. And their eyerolls will be exchanged for excitement.

Engagement activated

Secret worlds, pops of colour, and enchanting adventures. Our digital games are designed to capture your students’ attention and motivate them to dive into the magic of digital play.

Collaborate and compete

Strap on your helmet and get on your marks. Our digital games invite your students to collaborate as a team and engage in playful competition, nurturing their social skills and building their self-assurance.

Ignite curiosity for learning

From little things, big things grow. With us, your students will uncover a whole new way to learn. And this new way?Will plant the seed of curiosity. Encourage them to embrace a new way to learn. And support them to build a positive relationship with learning.

For the future, for us all

The playEd journey is only just getting started. And we’re so excited to have you on board as we create a new way for your students to learn through digital play that will not only brighten classrooms but also and engage young minds. Our GameZone is ever-growing, and we can’t wait to evolve our digital games side-by-side with you.

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